Youversion is an online Bible platform that creates biblical relevant content. It’s the most popular Bible App and has over 400 million users globally.

GNPI-Africa is working in partnership with YouVersion as a content creator to tap into this audience to create Bible plans as well as audio and video resources both in English and Swahili. The Global Gospel and Injili Ulimwenguni.

Through YouVersion, people all over East Africa now have access to Injili Ulimwenguni (The Global Gospel) illustrated stories through their mobile devices and can hear or read those stories in their own languages. The short length of each Gospel story allows them to be shared easily on multiple devices and platforms.

These videos are teaching the youths, Integrity, honesty, being trustworthy, how to avoid filthy language, and instead honor God with their speech and behaviors.

Currently, we have a total of 177 subscriptions and 52 completions. You can find our content at

Click on this link to get access to the Global Gospel

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