Accelerating Global Outreach

To The World

Using Media and Technology


Strategic Outreach

Using carefully designed and planned processes to reaching out.

Social Media

Since 2009

We appreciate that social media has redefined communication around the globe. We strategically reach out using available social media platforms.

School Outreach


School Mentorship

Raising a community of solution oriented young individuals with strong ethical values, who are accountable and responsive to their communities. Self sustainability is also an important value that we foster during the mentorship programs.

Solar Kit


Solar Kit Outreach

Not everyone shares the same privileges of having basic amenities such as running taps and electricity. Our Solar Kit Outreach targets those who are not privileged to get resources that others have but still need to be reached. Currently, over 600 Solar Kits have been distributed in 50 countries around the world, allowing thousands to see a visual presentation of the gospel and to hear this message in their own language.

Mobile Technology

Since 2010

Using Smart Phones

We’re developing mobile apps that allow us to share the good news with people from all walks of life across the globe.  


About Us

Our Journey


Where it all began


GNPI is a non-profit organization that accelerates global evangelism through media and technology. Ziden Nutt founded GNPI in 1976. Ziden experienced firsthand on the mission field the desperate need for missionaries and nationals to have culturally relevant Biblical resources. As a result, Ziden began producing simple filmstrip series using language and images from the local culture.

Today, decades later, GNPI works through regional centers and NOMaD teams throughout the world. GNPI creates culturally relevant materials to serve people in the unreached world who cannot read or prefer visual materials. The work of GNPI reaches 104 countries, producing materials for many different languages and tribes of people.

GNPI Centres
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Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Our Main Focus Areas

  • Video Productions
  • Audio Productions
  • Print
  • Web

Content Development

As humans we retain information in different ways. One study reported the following in successful retention of a message: o Hearing: 10% o Seeing: 20% o Hearing & Seeing: More than 50% This is why we use media and technology to communicate.    

  • Skill Development
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Personal Development

Mentorship & Capacity Building

Providing guidance to the future leaders is an important aspect. We provide life coaching, Bible based direction, training, motivation and advice to ensure success.

  • Solar Kit Ministry
  • School Outreach
  • Door to Door Evangelism


Today GNPI works through regional centers and Project Nomad teams throughout the world. GNPI creates culturally relevant materials to serve the 80% of people in the unreached world who cannot read or prefer visual materials. We also create content to strengthen existing biblical principles. Just to be practical, we also know that there are genuine needs out there. Apart from just feeding on the Word using media and technology, we also care for the hungry, sick, and needy and also initiate conflict resolution initiatives thorough strategic partnerships.  

  • Project Collaborations
  • Ministry Collaborations
  • Fundraising
  • Donor Relationships
  • Volunteerism


We acknowledge that we cannot go this journey alone. We realize and value partnerships. GNPI partners with like minded individuals and organizations to realise its mission.  

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What We Do

What We Do

This is why we are here...

As Christians, we share a mission to take the Gospel to every tribe and tongue on earth. At GNPI, we want to make sure all of those people groups have the opportunity to hear the Gospel in a way that’s meaningful and relevant to them. GNPI resources Christians to preach the good news to every culture and people group through visual, audio, and digital media.

No matter the platform or culture, our goal is the same. We’re putting tools into the hands of missionaries and church workers around the world that will help them lead people to an encounter with Christ. We summarize this mission with the phrase “strategic evangelism,” the process of using the most effective means to reach people in every culture with the Gospel.

Accomplishing that mission requires contextualizing our message to a variety of cultures and worldviews. People need to hear the Gospel in a way that’s meaningful and relevant to them.

In some parts of the world, that means we’re using digital advertising and social media to start conversations with Muslims who have questions about Jesus. In other places, we’re producing primetime television programs that preach the Gospel over the airwaves. In war-torn regions, we’re distributing a radio program that calls people to peace through Christ and equips them with practical peacemaking skills.

The tools and platforms we provide are meeting people where they are and helping them take the next step of faith. Some of our initiatives are directed toward sharing the Gospel with those who’ve never heard it, and others are geared toward discipling new believers and helping them reach maturity. Our list of projects is growing all the time, but broadly speaking, most of the media we’re producing fall into these categories:

  • Leadership Training
  • Peace Initiatives
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Discipleship Plans
  • Online Devotional Series
  • Biblical Teachings
  • Music Videos
  • Television and Radio Live broadcasts
  • Short Films and Series
  • Full Length Dramas

Leadership Training
Peace Initiatives
Social Media Strategies
Discipleship Plans
Online Devotion Series
Biblical Teachings
Music and Music Videos
Television and Radio Live Programs
Short Films and Series
Full Length Dramas

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Partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations