Jane is a campus student struggling with a hard decision. Keep her baby or not? It would be an easier choice to make if Eric, her boyfriend, and father of her unborn child took responsibility. But it’s an all too familiar situation, isn’t it?

Now Jane, grappling with what her parents will say and what society will think of her is faced with those two choices. Either way, whatever choice she makes will change her life forever. What will she choose?

‘Choices’ is a film by GNPI-Africa that explores the issues of pre-marital sex, and the tough decisions that have to be made with an unwanted pregnancy.

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The Solar Kit

Everyone deserves a chance to learn about Jesus. Some places are simply hard to reach. Some villages have little or no electricity, and some people cannot read.

GNPI-Africa has combined the latest technology with solar power to bring God’s truth to the most remote places in Africa. One Christian worker even called the solar kit “a miracle,” giving him the ability to draw crowds and then share the good news! Another team member said, “It’s amazing what the Lord is doing through this little yellow kit! We trained our partners, gave them the kits, and the Holy Spirit is doing the rest.”

A Solar Kit includes a projector which runs on a lithium battery (charged by a solar panel), cables, a set of speakers, and a waterproof case with a screen built into the lid. Each kit weighs 13 pounds and is about the size of a shoebox. GNPI-Africa provides not only Solar Kits but also media in a variety of languages for different cultures, so kingdom workers can present the gospel in the most helpful way to the people they are serving. Because they’re easy to transport and don’t require electricity, Solar Kits can be taken into rural villages, remote jungles, refugee camps, and any other region of the world where electricity is scarce.

Around 780 million people worldwide are illiterate today. Even if the Bible has been translated into their native language, they’re not able to read it. That’s why a visual presentation of the gospel, like the one we show on our Solar Kits, is a powerful tool for reaching these people. It’s one of the most meaningful and relevant ways they can learn about Jesus.

GNPI-Africa is a part of a network of production centers around the world, which are operated by Good News Productions, International (GNPI) located in Joplin, Missouri, USA. Since 1981, GNPI has mobilized more than 750 solar powered media kits in 50 different nations. They’ve been instrumental in evangelism, church planting, and leadership training around the world.

We work together to spread the good news around the world and are always looking to add new partners, and that includes you! Here are a few ways you could be part of the impact Solar Kits are having worldwide:

Find out if the missionaries and kingdom workers you support would benefit from a Solar Kit. Then, consider asking your church, Sunday school class, small group, or VBS to sponsor a kit for the workers you support.

Sponsor a Solar Kit for one of GNPI-Africa ministry partners and provide them with a powerful tool for sharing the gospel in their communities.

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Jesus Story

There are so many children who have never had the chance to hear the Good News. Jesus Story was created with them in mind so that even the smallest of ears have the chance to hear.

In this program, engaging hosts present thirteen half-hour Swahili episodes of biblical content formatted specifically for television and young viewers. 

The Jesus story series came from an idea to rework The Global Gospel (TGG) as a program that the younger generation could enjoy.

We believe everyone should have the chance to hear about Jesus! It’s exciting to see hearts and lives changed through this strategic evangelism tool, and we’re almost done with this short Swahili series.

You can be part of teaching the love of Jesus to children all over the world, often for the first time. Your gift today can help the Gospel reach right into their homes. Together we can share the Good News about Jesus with families around the world.

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Awarness, Video

2as1 TV Show

2as1 is among one of the most popular shows that’s currently being aired at UTV every Friday evening. The show is popularized by its unique approach to relationships and marriage. The show is hosted by Charles and Susan Opiyo who are biblical authorities and have been global ministers together for many years.

Relationships can get very complicated. This explains why the rate of divorces and separations in this era are very high. Many people still try to find answers to the relationship problems they’re facing. This show addresses some of those important FAQs about marriage and relationships in general and they’re answered from a biblical perspective using biblical principles.

Currently the show has a viewership of about 3 million and it’s increasing everyday. Shows that have been aired already can still be accessed on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe to our channel and newsletters for more updates on the same.


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