In Arabic ‘Al Massira’ means a journey and implies the idea of setting out in the company of others. Al Massira explores the messages and signs of the Old Testament prophets, their fulfillment in the person of the Messiah, and reveals the consistent revelation of Father, Son, and Spirit throughout all of scripture. 

The course, a chronological presentation of the biblical message, comprises a series of thirteen (40 minutes) documentary films, Discussion Guides, Participant’s Notes, Leader’s Manual, and other supporting documents. Usually, the course is accessed through a two-day interactive training event.

Typically, for those using Al Massira, a small group of friends draws together, some interested seekers and one or more believers, and together they embark on a journey of discovery. They meet regularly to watch the films, share food, and participate in a guided and open discussion of the biblical content of the course, with the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work through prayer.

This is the primary context in which the resource is used, however other settings are also appropriate and can include: one-to-one, large group settings, and also within church contexts.

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