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Good News .Productions, International grew out of the 14-year ministry of Ziden and
Helen Nutt in Zimbabwe, Africa. While working in what was then known as Rhodesia, the Nutts soon discovered the value of visual teaching materials in drawing large crowds. Because available audiovisuals were usually produced in English for Western audiences, Ziden began producing culturally-accurate filmstrips using slides taken in the villages and putting the scriptures in the language of the people. These materials then proved tremendously effective in both attracting crowds and communicating the gospel.


As missionaries in other countries heard about this strategy being used in Zimbabwe,
some asked Ziden to expand the work to include their countries as well. In 1976, the Nutts moved to Joplin, Missouri and, with the partnership of many individuals and congregations, began the ministry of Good News Productions, International. The work is now reaching into more than 90 countries with materials at various stages of production in over 100 languages.

Good News Productions, International is a non-profit ministry dedicated to helping the church of Jesus Christ fulfill His Great Commission. This is done by designing specific strategies for evangelism and leadership training efforts to fit each unique culture. Virtually all work is done in cooperation with missionaries and national Christians who understand the targeted people group.

Financial support from individuals and local congregations is the lifeblood of the organization. Because of the generosity of donors, missionaries are not charged for materials produced for use in evangelism and leadership training.

The filmstrip aspect of the ministry has grown tremendously since 1976 and missionaries still report a dramatic response to such a simple tool. In order to allow workers in remote regions to show the culturally-accurate filmstrips, a solar-powered audiovisual pack was designed. It is equipped with a 12-volt battery, a projector and a tape player. Electricity is generated by a solar panel which will recharge the battery as the worker is traveling from village to village. Sixty eight of these units are being used in twenty-four different countries.

Since 1979, Good News Productions, International has been producing videocassettes to aid in evangelism and leadership training. The current catalog is available upon request. Topics include Bible studies and various practical subjects including church growth, youth, missions, etc. The videocassettes are being used by missionaries and nationals in 58 countries outside the United States and in 48 states within the U.S .

Because the volume of video distribution was increasing, the decision to install an up-link earth station at Good News Productions, International was made. This allows materials to be directly delivered by satellite to churches, Bible colleges, hospitals, prisons, homes, mission stations, etc. worldwide. The up-link was installed in early 1987 and the first satelcast was on April 18, 1987. In August 1987 the Able Telecommunication Service was inaugurated and now a variety of leadership training materials are being delivered via satellite approximately four hours
each week. The response from places like Canada, Montana, and Wyoming has been extremely positive. Since churches are few and scattered, the callers have expressed how much having access to the programs will mean to them. Spanish programs have been received as far away as Honduras and Mexico and again are helping missionaries and nationals involved in leadership training. A complete schedule of ATS programming is available upon request.

In 1991, a media production facility was completed in Damoh, India in order to meet the needs and opportunities made possible through the exploding use of video in that country. Even in remote areas, there are “video parlors” where local people gather to view videotapes sent in from the cities. Through the media production facility, it is possible to produce culturally-accurate materials (using national teachers and actors) not only for India but for surrounding countries as well. Already, productions are being distributed to hundreds of “house churches” and are being
viewed by thousands. Another regional center opened in late 1990 in Singapore. Similar efforts are targeted for Africa, Eastern Europe and South and Central America.

Much has been accomplished for world evangeli sm since the beginning of this ministry. Even more opportunities are ahead! . As God continues to lead and His people continue to supply, Good News Productions, International will continue to assist the church in “making the most of the time” ! (Ephesians 5: 15, 16)

Last modified: August 24, 2021

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