As a Christian organization, we have a mission to share the love of Christ in Africa. At GNPI-Africa, we want to make sure all the people groups in Africa have the opportunity to hear the Gospel in a way that’s meaningful and relevant to them. GNPI-Africa resources Christians to preach the good news to every culture in Africa group through visual, audio, and digital media.

No matter the platform or culture, our goal is the same. We’re putting tools into the hands of missionaries and church workers in Africa that will help them lead people to an encounter with Christ. We summarize this mission with the phrase “strategic outreach,” the process of using the most effective means to reach people in Africa with the Gospel.

Accomplishing that mission requires contextualizing our message to a variety of cultures and worldviews. We use different forms of communication such as using digital advertising and social media to start conversations about Jesus. In other places, we’re producing primetime television programs that preach the Gospel over the airwaves. In war-torn regions, we’re distributing a radio program that calls people to peace through Christ and equips them with practical peacemaking skills.  

The tools and platforms we provide are meeting people where they are and helping them take the next step of faith. Some of our initiatives are directed toward sharing the Gospel with those who’ve never heard it, and others are geared toward discipling new believers and helping them reach maturity. And in others, we are carrying out community based initiatives that bring positive change. Our list of projects is growing all the time, but broadly speaking, most of the media we’re producing fall into these categories:

GNPI-Africa doesn’t do any of this alone, though. Through partnership, we’re working with like-minded individuals who understand the cultures and worldviews where they live. And there’s a part for you to play, too. Learn more about our partners around the world and get updates on our current projects here, and consider supporting these initiatives by making a donation here.

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