As a Christian organization, we are intentional and have a plan to execute true discipleship through our outreach program dubbed ‘’reaching the unreached’’ under our NOMad Project. NOMaD which translates “To Equip Nationals with Media For Evangelism and Discipleship” A great evangelism tool to help Christians to grow. Its slogan is “Two Preachers and a Camera Guy”.  The program sustains grassroots media production teams who are trained by GNPI-Africa to make effective Christian Videos addressing a wide range of culturally relevant topics with the Gospel message. 

The team works with many communities in the Great Rift Valley, such as the Pokot, Tugens, Endorois, Marakwets, and Turkanas. In this region, inter-community conflicts and wars abound. With the help of a Solar Kit, the team started showing films and producing videos that focused on Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace. As a result, inter-community conflicts have drastically decreased, and these communities meet together in newly planted churches to solve their problems amicably with love.

Our Christian videos are mainly for evangelism and teaching. We reach out to all audiences including the old, the youth, and the teens and as a result, we have baptized many people as well as planting new churches in high-risk areas such as Pokot and Turkana.

Last modified: July 9, 2020

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